Who Is Tyler Watson?

When Tyler was 12 years old, his dad sat him down for a discussion that would change his life. His parents were getting a divorce. Thought it wasn’t his intention, Tyler interpreted this as it being his fault and years later would realize this was his first real exposure to how our beliefs can take control of our life. But this realization didn’t come to him easily.

From that conversation at 12 until he was 19 he set out to be “perfect”, another belief he picked up during his parents’ divorce. This journey to the unattainable goal of perfection lead him to an immense state of depression, addiction, and even suicidal thoughts.

From there he knew he needed to change and set out on a 2-year mission for his church. Almost as soon as he came back home though, he stumbled back into those old patterns. And it was through this journey to pioneering the strategies he’s used to coach the top 1% of Elite Performers truly began.

He pursued a doctorate in natural medicine which he would take a permanent leave of absence from after meeting his amazing wife. With her by his side he would create what he called the Cellular Alignment Technique, a framework that helped work on the root of people’s problems so they could get life changing results in minutes instead of months or years like other “gurus” used. This became the core pillar of the transformations his clients would say worked almost like magic.

Tyler's Early Life

In the years that followed he spend over $500,000 hiring his own coaches, going to seminars, and learning from some of the top people in personal development. He did all of this so he not only could understand the underlying reason people struggle, but so he could help them have a reset at the cellular level so they never had to needlessly struggle again.

These strategies allowed him to create a million dollar coaching and event business. He then gave away those strategies in his first book The Enrollment Effect so impact-driven coaches could have what he wished was available when he started.

These techniques have proven effective time and time again in those that he’s worked with either in-person or online. They’ve helped people make drastic changes anywhere from breaking through the six-figure per month barrier in their business to overcoming addictions and even healing relationships.

He again wrote about the exact processes he’d learned from spending thousands of hours, and thousands of dollars, to carry on his mission of serving those he’s called to help. His second book is called The Alignment Effect and has been used by Elite Performers who are seeking lasting change with predictable results.



All of his success doesn’t hold a candle to what he cares about most: his family. His wife has been by his side every step of the way and his daughters run to him at the end of the work day. On the days he has to spend away from them at his events or speaking at others, you’ll see him facetime them to check in on how their day is going. Just like the message he shares with his clients, he knows nothing matters more than the people who helped you get to where you are today.

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